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Can We Fix Operation Enduring Wait?

Last night, the Daily Show ran a great segment (watch it!) on the billion dollar technical catastrophe called the VA and DoD’s health record interoperability program. Essentially, it asks a good question: if the Obama campaigns of 2008 and 2012 could so quickly unite large disparate databases in order to elect our president, then why is it taking years and billions to streamline health IT for veterans? The segment ends with:

On Yesterday's Senate Failure

Trying to create laws that prevent specific past events is sort of like trying to stick your finger in a dam and hoping that fixes the problem. It’s neither here nor there whether this law would have stopped the senseless murder of twenty children under the age of eight, and eight adults. If we could invent policy like that, with the exception of the National Rifle Association’s leadership, I’m sure we would all go back in time, and strip Adam Lanza of all ten of the rights granted to him in our bill of rights. Besides that, I’m not sure there is a possible way of stopping Adam Lanza. He’s already dead, and the deed’s been done so there’s no point in trying.

The Law Everyone Should Hate

Let’s say you ran one of the Fortune 10 companies. And for some reason, you wanted to ensure that this business would be hated by its customers, forever. What would you do?

Design Patterns for Government

The book “Design Patterns” sits on top of most a young programmer’s bookshelf. It’s almost a status symbol – sort of a silent agreement between two professionals – a display that says “I get it” even if it’s gone largely unread by most of its owners.

We Are Over Thinking Bulk Data UIs

I’m pretty excited about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new consumer complaints data. While they call it a “database” it’s currently more of a spreadsheet of complaints against credit card companies from consumers, and the broad category of what that complaint is. It’s minimal data right now. They only are releasing data past June 1, 2012, and so far I can only count 171 rows. But it will grow, and hopefully over time, it will become useful.

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